Issues: Data communication on UART2


We are using UART2 on WMP100 to communicate with a PC to exchange binary data.

Baudrate: 115200, set on Both the PC and WMP100
Hardware flow control: Turned on PC, Default on WMP100
8,N, 1 set on PC, Default used on WMP100

Here are two issues we are seeing:

  1. The UART2 port spits out the following at startup:
    +WIND: 13

This is not ideal for data, since we need to parse these string before we start data exchange.
Question: Is there anyway to turn these messages off on UART2.

  1. For testing we are sending and receiving 8 bytes of data. After a random number of message exchanges
    (seen anywhere from 64 to 3977 exchanges) both the OpenAT/PC applications block.

I believe that the exchange gets stuck on the incoming messages from the PC to the OpenAT. A message is not being received.

Any reasons why this may be happening?
Are there any AT commands or other tools to help debug this.

Recv Handler (which also sends a message):

bool hnd_fcmData_U1 ( u16 DataSize, u8 * Data )
static int numRecv;
Message msg;
char outStr[255];

sprintf(outStr, "\r\n>> NumRecv %d hnd_fcmData_U1 %d\r\n", numRecv++, 
adl_atSendResponse ( ADL_AT_UNS, outStr); 

msg.type = 96;
msg.value = 98; 
adl_fcmSendData(UART2_Handle, &msg, sizeof(Message));

return TRUE;

see also:

If by ‘block’ you mean freezing without rebooting, it’s most probably a hardware problem: software freezes are caught by the watchdog and cause a reboot, after something like 10 seconds IIRC.