Is there a way to use FTPS in HL8548?


I’m using HL8548 modem.
I understand that it supports only FTP and HTTPS (not FTPS). I would like to know if there is some workaround I can do to enable FTPS in this.

Or instead of using ‘+KFTPSND’ command to upload files, can I safely use ‘+KHTTPSPOST’ to send files securely to HTTPS server?

The aim is to collect large amount of data and send to a remote FTPS/ HTTPS server.
I’m fine to use a HTTPS server instead of FTPS server if it serves the purpose.

Please guide me.

Thank you,

Since there is no regular SSL support it is not possible to use FTPS with the embedded TCP/IP stack. The only way to do that is to use a TCP/IP stack in your host CPU.