Installing legato on target problem

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to install Legato framwork on (not Sierra Wireless) target.
I modified Makefile to add the target, i modified the cmakelists.txt and the findtoolchain script too.
i did

$make myTargetName


$make myTargetName myTargetName_TOOLCHAIN_DIR

and it works, i get :

# Create a tarball containing everything in the staging area. tar -C build/imx6/staging -cf build/imx6/legato-runtime.tar .

After, i have tried to install the framwork on the target :

$ instlegato build/myTargetName TARGET_IP

But i got this :unamused: :frowning:

chown: /mnt/flash/startupDefaults: No such file or directory

Do you know how to fix this problem, or if i have to modifie other scripts than the three above.
Thank you for help

please paste the code for the initial two steps…
part where you modified the script-file and cmakelists.

Thank you for replying

I fixed the problem by adding smack and cgroup to my yocto linux Kernel.