Implementing DynDNS when acting as a server

Maybe not.

I was taking this (with my emphasis):

to mean that he did, in fact, have a “public, dynamic IP account”

Maybe I was reading too much into that?

what he actually said was:

and, as I said, I would expect this to be like doing ipconfig on a Windows PC - so it would only give you the “local” address in the “private” side of the network - not the Public address.

eg, if I do ipconfig on this PC, I get - which is the private address in my local network;
if I do I get - which is the Public address of my broadband modem/router

I’d assumed that wip_bearerGetOpts would work like ipconfig to give just the “local” private address within the GPRS network, and something like would be needed to find the Public address.

Note that et al will always give a public address - but that does not mean that you can use that address for incoming connections to your device! That’s the privilege for which you have to pay extra!
(you can try this with the WIP sample that does an HTTP GET…)

It’s not directional once the channel is opened.

  1. The client sets up a tcp connection to the server.
  2. The server (custom build tcp server) pings the client (ie send it a byte) every 14 minutes, the client responds with a byte.
  3. now we have a tcp channel on which we can send events from the client to the server, but also send events from the server to the client.

nope, i do mean push events.

i still can’t create a new tcp connection from the server to the client, so we have to keep the all open, but as long as we don’t have more than +± 64000 units that shouldn’t be a problem. (else we can always get another server-ip :stuck_out_tongue: )

No, dinamic. Additional paid service named “Real IP” give your modem public IP address on every GPRS connect.

Hmmm. No…? What benefit from such an address? At least i want some port forward.

I write a little program router for PC behind firewall/proxy. It use list of http “what ip” servers and announce detected IP on FTP. Modems (without any “real” ip) also check FTP for server address and establish outgoing connection to router. Of cause, router listen port must be forwarded through proxy.