Https not working - bad certifcate


I’m trying the example code as described in the application note, “P_SSL_Communication_with_Apache_Server_Application_Note” which uses https but on my Apache server setup on my PC, I get an error with the handshake or the certificate.

In the debug screen, I get the following:

On the command prompt, I get the following error:

Does anyone know how to resolve this?


Use a certificate that is valid!!

I know it obvious by the Openssl response but the certificate is the one provided by the https example. I am under the impression the example should work and be use to get something running especially for someone using the security library for the first time.

I have also done a comparison with the keys for both the Q26 https example and the pem files and they are the same.

I will generate my own certificate and re-test it.

Unfortunately, this is all too frequently not the case - see, for eaxmple: Where is wip_drv_eth.h - #7 by awneil

I’ve just got the FAE (based oversea) to test the WIP SSL sample code and it to connects to my openssl server without any problem but when I try the code on my development kit, it does not work correctly. Still the same bad certificate and handshaking fault. The only difference between my hardware and the FAE is the modem (Q2686 and Q2687).