How to send data from BX3105 to Iphone BL

Hi @faridm,
Can you share more the use-cases which you would like to perform on your module? Below is the sample for BLE command

AT+SRBTSYSTEM=3 //// BT system mode BLE and BT classic)

AT+SRBLE=“myName”, 50, 1, 128

AT+SRBLEADV=1 /// Start advertising


AT+SRBLECFG? /// Check BLE connection status, this shows no device registered

AT+SRBLESCAN=2,0 / Scan the devices are advertising

+SRBLESCAN: “04:72:ad:fe:c5:1f”,1,-86,0

+SRBLESCAN: “5c:03:b9:92:ed:ec”,1,-79,6

+SRBLESCAN: “20:fa:bb:20:00:16”,0,-81,6,“BX310x-200016”

+SRBLESCAN: “20:fa:bb:20:00:1A”,0,-81,6,“BX310x-20001A”

+SRBLESCAN: “3b:57:e1:7e:f6:ca”,1,-68,0


AT+SRBLECFG=“20:fa:bb:20:00:16” /// The module connects to Device B

+SRBLECFG: 1,0,“20:fa:bb:20:00:16”,23


AT+SRBLECNX=1 //Initiate connection to device B


AT+SRBLECFG? /// Check BLE connection status, this shows the module has one active connection

+SRBLECFG: 1,1,“20:fa:bb:20:00:16”,23

At the point, the nodule has established a connection to your iPhone then your iPhone needs to install a Melody Smart application which supports to send and receive data over BLE

Connection notifications:

< +SRBLECFG: 1,0,“5c:18:3a:b9:58:6e”,64

< +SRBLE_IND: 1,1

< +SRBLEMTU: 1,64

< +SRBLEMTU: 1,64 Scan devices by pressing on the red button. Click on your device to connect.

2. Send data from Melody Smart app
Data received:

< +SRBCSMARTRECV: 1,0,“hello” Send “Hello” to Euler module.

3. Send data to Melody Smart App
Send data:

AT+SRBCSMARTSEND=1,0,“This is a test”

< OK “This is a test” received from Euler module.

4. Close connection
Disconnection notification:

< +SRBLE_IND: 1,0,19 Press Back button to disconnect.

Please share any concerns you have and tick Solution if the information is helpful to you guy