How to manually clear watchdog counter


Jay says:

It does not need to be a loop, forexample I call a nested stack which handles many events and probably last more watchdog timer expire time, so there must be a function to reset watchdog counter manually in our applications.
What does WaveCOM R&D think about this problem?

Note: My function is not recursive, thus I am sure call stack size is enough, and I don’t use allocate functions which my reset processor in improper use.


Hello [color=blue]piedos,

I’m not Wavecom R&D but here’s my opinion:

There’s no way to reset the Wavecom watchdog timer and according to me there shouldn’t be. The Wavecom watchdog timer is the only way the Core software can prevent the Open AT application from completely hanging the whole system.

If you can’t process everything you want within the watchdog timeout, then you should divide your code into several steps and use timers between each step so the core software can have a chance to execute for a while.

I mean, if your code takes more than 4-5 seconds to run then it shouldn’t matter if you take a couple of 100 ms pauses…