how to let MC7430 work ON ubuntu

I downloaded the Linux QMI SDK package and the document. and the linux driver SierraLinuxQMIdriversS2.25N2.36.tar.bz2

The SDK document"S version is <<SLQS03.03.15>>

According the document , I build the drivers and installed the drivers

but when I Verified Proper Driver Operation , I can not find any /dev/qcqmix ,only find /dev/ttyUSB0-3
when I Build the SDK ,there is a Problem, there isn’t a pkgs.mak file anywhere to be found.

would you please give me some advice? what I should do next?

Did you build the GobiNet driver with raw-ip support? The default is 802.3. You need to do

make RAWIP=1

to enable raw-ip for MC74xx. The kernel log (or dmesg) will tell you if the driver probe failed. Loading the driver with debugging enabled will tell you all the gory details:

rmmod GobiNet
insmod GobiNet.ko debug=1

thanks .you are right .

I can find /dev/qcqmi0 on my linux ,now I want to use qmI interface to connect the internet ON MC7430

How to go on for the next step? if you dont mind ,please give me some ideas.

If you want to use the GobiNet driver then you need to develop an application using the SDK. You can find working examples in the “SampleApps/” directory of the SDK.

If your goal is to create an internet connection on a laptop/desktop system, then you might want to look into using the qmi_wwan driver with libqmi and ModemManager instead. But you shouldn’t take my word for it - I wrote that driver :slight_smile: