How to keep GPIO signal Level

Hi, Guys

   I want to use GPIO to genrate some High / Low signal, but I can not keep the previous signal  before change
  for example, I define the signal :
  static adl_ioDefs_t GpioConfigL = ADL_IO_GPIO | ADL_IO_DIR_OUT | ADL_IO_LEV_LOW ;
  static adl_ioDefs_t GpioConfigH = ADL_IO_GPIO | ADL_IO_DIR_OUT | ADL_IO_LEV_HIGH;
# I use two gpio to indicate the tow signal, ; 
 MyLedGpioConfig [0]= GpioConfigL | Led_Gpio_Label [ 0 ];
 MyLedGpioConfig [1]= GpioConfigH | Led_Gpio_Label [ 1 ];

# use io write to generate gpios signal

sReturn = adl_ioWrite ( MyGpioHandle, LED_COUNT, MyLedGpioConfig );

after writing, the Q2687 only generate a pulse, which was measured by oscilloscope , the gpio pin can not keep the wrote signal level,
Does any body can tell me how to keep the writing level? Is there any other write method to implement it?

My Firmware version : R71_00gg.Q2687G 2090888 041808

Does any body know how to do?

I attach my code, Don’t save your advice. This is the source code [attachment=0]signal_generator.rar[/attachment]

No anybody can help me? :frowning:

The source code is correct!
My oscilloscope is too old, there is something wrong with oscilloscope, so that it can’t detect signal exactly. I detect the signal with a new digital multi-meter, the voltage level is ok! and can keep the voltage level!
Sorry to disturb any guys!

ah, so perhaps it only measures AC?