How to get error messages while TCP connection is running?



I’m using an Integra M2106B modem with wavecom IP stack. I’m connected over serial interface.
While a TCP connection is established, I don’t get any error messages from the modem, even if the connection was lost or the SIM card was removed.
Is there any possibility to get informed about that errors? The old IP stack printed out the “+WIND” oder “+CME” messages even if a connection was established.

Thanks in advance,
Stefan Daniel



The best method is using Multiplexing protocol (e.g. AT+WMUX=1). Then the serial port can handle both AT command and GPRS data together.

But you need to build your external application to process those multiplexed data.


Hi Wallace,

thank you very much for your short reply.
I’ll try this on Monday and give you a feedback.

Stefan Daniel



I took a look into the AT+WMUX documentation and noticed that it is not so easy to use the multiplexing mode because you have to encapsulate all sent commands an decapsulate (does this word exist? :slight_smile:) the received answers.
With the old firmware (and the old IP stack) I got the TCP stream and the modem messages both at the same time in plain text (and had only to look for three or four special modem commands) - I think that was much easier. Is there any possibility to get this mode back?

Stefan Daniel