How receive HEX data by FCM?

I use openAt programing Q2687 moudle, I need to receive HEX data through the COM1 interface , In openAT need through FCM data stream to receive data, but I find that FCM data stream only received U8 data type (ascii coding), can not receive binary data.Who can help me? Thanks.

No, that’s not true: the FCM stream just receives bytes - it neither knows nor cares anything of the content, meaning, or interpretation of those bytes.

It is entirely up to your application how the bytes are interpreted.

The Hex Editor is a very powerful memory viewing/editing tool, it obsoletes the Memory Viewer tool from the FCE Ultra and FCEU Rerecording branches.

It can do a wide range of things. It allows you to view the entire RAM & ROM contents in a resizable dialog window. It makes it easy to edit the game’s RAM, PPU memory, and even its currently-loaded ROM data by simply typing in values in the editor. You can also “freeze” parts of RAM (to prevent the game from modifying the data there), search for data (Ctrl+F), and even copy and paste data to/from the clipboard. Furthermore, table files are supported, so you can edit a game’s text in real-time and see the result immediately.

Basically, it lets you tinker with any part of a game’s RAM or ROM while it is running.