How RC7620-1 checks the integrity of TCP data transmission


As mentioned in the topic, I would like to know how to check the integrity of TCP data transfer.
For example, I sent 50 characters of data, how do I know that the client received 50 characters of data, or only received less than 50 characters of data.
I only found +KTCP_ACK this command to know data send failure or success.
Could someone please help to answer this question?Thanks

Hi jerry1,

When you send data through a TCP connection AT+KTCPSND=<session_id>,<ndata>.
All the data will be sent out ignoring <ndata>. If the data sent is not equal to <ndata> then +KTCP_NOTIF will be displayed.
• <ndata> is the data size without <EOF pattern>

If you send TCP data to the TCP echo server, the URC +KTCP_DATA: <session_id>,<ndata_available> will return (Incoming Data through TCP connection).
You can use the command AT+KURCCFG=“TCP”,1,1 to enable URC +KTCP_DATA, +KTCP_NOTIF.