How my PC can receive Data sent by FCM via V24 in Data Mode


I’m coding a application on VB.NET to receive data from my wavecom module.
Everything is ok when the Q2501 is in AT mode, but in DATA mode I don’t know how to get the data. :frowning:

Can you help me ?

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VB.NET knows nothing about AT nor Data modes; all it knows about is a COM port.

So, if your VB.NET receives data when the modem is in AT mode but not in Data mode, the fault must lie in your embedded application

ok, I thing my embedded application is working well, cause the Terminal Emulator receive correctly the Data sent in FCM DATA MODE (in his Data Window).
But on VB.NET I’m only able to receive ASCII data (ie AT response) and no Binary data (bytes sent in FCM DATA MODE).
I try to find a source code in VB.NET that handle Binary mode, but no success at this time :frowning:

otherwise, in a DOS command window I run the command:
copy /B COM1: log.txt
which get everything on the COM port and write it into a binary file.
and once more, the file contain all the AT response in ASCII, but no data sent by the FCM in DATA MODE !
anyone can help ?

For help with VB problems, you need to go to a VB forum!

Have you tried MSDN?

Aren’t there any examples etc in your VB documentation…?

Remember: as far as VB is concerned, it’s just serial data - the fact that it might happen to come from a Wavecom modem is irrelevant to th VB program.

ok, In fact I’m also on VB Forum :slight_smile:
I get several example to manage serial link in VB.NET,
but no one is able to get Data send by my Q2501 :frowning:
Thanks for all

But you said Hypoterminal does receive it?! :confused:

If Hypoterminal can receive it, then:

  • The Q2501 must be sending it OK
  • Your cables must be OK
  • The PC’s COM Port and drivers must be OK

That only leaves your VB!