How gprs reactivate


i want to restart gprs. i did sim subscribe and unsubscribe. but
i didnt get gprs start . how to do that gprs reconfiguration when apn changed?
Initially gprs activate OK. is there any steps follows to gprs reactivate with out restart modem?
i got problem restarting modem everytime when apn changed . why?
can anybody tell me regarding this problem ?

thanks & regards

How often do you change the APN??

This is normally an infrequent operation, so a reset is pobably not a problem - so long as you make it a “clean” rest (AT+CFUN=1), and not just a power-cycle or the RESET pin…

Hi awneil ,

thanks for reply.
i need gprs reactivate with out using at+cfun=1.
is there any events handler or routines to detect apn fail or reconfigure functions?

How to reconfigure , gprs connection fail when signal is not there ?
i am using tcpclient example source.

please tell me solution regarding this problem.

Thanks in advance


Subscribe to the events from:
And of course
adl_atUnSoSubscribe( “+CGREG:”, (adl_atUnSoHandler_t) CGREG_Handler )

that will tell you what is happening to the network.

And check these out:

If you’re using WIP, you should do all bearer management through WIP - don’t try to “go behind its back” with “raw” AT Commands.

However, monitoring the GPRS and CGREG events can be useful to detect if WIP has got into an inconsistent state. When that happens, a reboot is probably the best recovery mechanism…


i am using wip library.

i am getting below state

[GPRS]: start: GPRS setup failed: -9
[GPRS]: close: -> CLOSED

when i change the apn , the following came
why GPRS setup failed:-9 come?
wht is that meaning?

[GPRS]: GPRS EVENT SETUP OK (cid=1): GPRS activate

how to change condition of ACTIVATE KO to condition of ACTIVATE OK?
what are the steps to do?

[GPRS]: close: -> CLOSED

modem automatically restarts everytime when sending gprs packet to server.
how to stop restarting modem itself?

please help me regarding above issues.

Thanks in advance

What are the return values to wip_bearerOpen() etc. ? Check what the return values mean in the docs. Adobe pdf search is your friend.