Hl7800 sntp

In the AT+SWITRACEMODE=RnD logs of the HL7800 I saw something like “starting sntp client”. In what cases does the HL7800 use (S)NTP? When it does not get any date/time trough NITZ?

My application has got an own SNTP client, and I sometimes get a “Kiss-Of-Death” response from the server (pool.ntp.org), even when doing < 1 request every 6 hours. If the HL7800 uses SNTP and pool.ntp.org internally this behavior could be explained.

Hi @allardpotma

I don’t have much information about SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) on HL7800.

The SNTP client initialization is done in the thread when the HL7800 starts.
NTP:Network Time Protocol. In a mobile phone, NTP updates the time by getting time information (without time zone information) from a specific server via GPRS.

NITZ: Network Identity and Time Zone is a mechanism for automatically configuring local time and date that requires operator support and can obtain time and time zone specific information from operators.

NITZ mainly depends on operator reporting, while NTP mainly depends on network environment. NITZ obtains time by passive reception, NTP obtains network time by accessing NtpServer, and finally updates mobile time by calling SystemClock.

Hope it helps.