HL7650 FTP Commands

How to Send Files using FTP commands. i have done FTP but i am not able to downloading the files but i am able to fetch the inside text file data. how to download files using FTP .
modem hl7650:
AT+KFTPCFG=1,“ftp.drivehq.com”,“username”,“password” //username and password i hided
AT+KFTPRCV=1,"/",“1111.txt”,1 //receiving command
output: Hello World <<EOF …>>
iam able to reading the data but i want to be download the file. how to do could please help to me.

HL7650 does not have any OS, so it does not support download and save file. It can only show the content of that file. It looks like that it reads all the data of that file and displays to terminal.
The command is that: AT+KFTPRCV=1,“the path of file on server”,“file name”, “type of data: binary or ascii”
The response will be:
…the data of “file name” will be displayed here…–EOF–

And to send file to FTP server
AT+KFTPSND=1,“path of file in server”,“file name”
—send data here---- --EOF–

The data will be sent to server and stored in “file name”


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i thanks to replay to me

Hi Jerdung

I read .zip file from FTP server using AT commands. I got the unreadable format data.
I taken exactly data i used to online to converted it to zip format, after i did extract, after i am able to reading inside zip file data.

same way how to make the zip using python commands without going to online tool conversion.

Python has “zipfile” library to support zipped/unzipped files.
You can find more details in https://docs.python.org/3/library/zipfile.html (for python version3.)
https://docs.python.org/2/library/zipfile.html (for python version 2.)


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