[Hilo]max re-transmission time to send a packet data

[Hilo] What’s the max re-transmission time for sending a packet data when a sudden power off of the remote server?

Answer: if the sudden power off happens during data sending, then the URC “+KTCP_ACK: 1,0
Or ”“+KTCP_NOTIF: 1,5” appears after 6.2 minutes. For example:
AT+KTCPSND=1,5 —Remote server is powered off or un-plug the network cable, the client still try to send data.
—Module TCPIP stack will try 8 times to re-transmission the TCP data, maximum about 6.2 minutes.
+KTCP_ACK: 1,0 – The URC will occur after the retry timeout at the end
+KTCPCFG: 1,0,0,0,“”,179,1,1 —“disconnected” status for the session