[Hilo] Can we stop the AT+KSMTPUL and try again immediately?

[Hilo] Can we stop the AT+KSMTPUL service immediately and try the same service again?

Answer: It depends. After the KSMTPUL session is disconnected, you can try again. Or you’ll fail.
Here’re the two cases:
/ When you send “+++” or “DTR Drop (AT&D1)”, it only switch to command mode. The session will be kept. In this case, there’s no way to disconnect the SMTP session immediately, you need to wait about 1 minute until the session is disconnected by remote SMTP server (You can get +KSMTP ERROR: xxxx when remote server close the connection), then you can try again the SMTP service.

/ When you send “DTR drop (AT&D2)”, the session will be disconnected immediately. Then you can try again.