[Hilo] Can Hilo3G be used as modem to connect with internet?

[Hilo] Can Hilo3G be used as a modem to connect to the internet with a PC?

Answer: Yes. HiLo3G can be used as a USB modem. Here are the steps to use:

  1. Connect HiLo3G to a PC via USB cable.
  2. Install the USB driver then a new modem will be added to the PC automatically.
  3. Create a new dial up connection using Hilo3G modem.
  4. Make the connection with the modem.
    Please find attached “How to be Connected to Internet through Hilo as a simple modem.pdf” for reference.
    For HiLo3G, please start from page 5, since the new modem has been installed by the USB driver.