HELP! WP76XX randomly crashing

Good evening everyone and thanks in advance for your help!
I am experiencing intermittent crashes/reboot of my wp7603 module. I’ve got the following log from running the AT command gcdump. Does anybody have a clue of could be happening?

Src: FatalError
File: lte_ml1_common_dump.c
Line: 294
Str: Assert 0 failed: Deadlock timer expired for 0x0 due to high pr
040C0203 0000013C 00000000 00000000
Task: AMSS
Time: 000D9565
R0: EC102000 R1: 853F4440 R2: 0000013C R3: 863D4DC0 R4: 000000FE
R5: 00000001 R6: 0000033F R7: 000000FF R8: 000000E9 R9: 00000000
R10: 000000C3 R11: 00000000 R12: 00000000 R13: 00000000 R14: 0000C346
R15: 00000000 R16: 8579FFD2 R17: 00000000 R18: 040C0203 R19: 0000013C
R20: 853F432C R21: 00000000 R22: 00000000 R23: 00000000 R24: 00000000
R25: 00000000 R26: 00000000 R27: 00000000 R28: 00000000 SP: 863D4A58
FP: 863D4A60 LR: 836D70BC
PC: 836D7120
CPSR: 00000000
Mod: Unknown
863D4A80 836D70BC 8501A244 00000000 0000013C 86033300 8579FFD2
040C0203 863D4A98 836D7120 00000018 86033300 040C0203 00000000
863D4AC0 8329CECC 00000000 00000000 8501A244 00000000 00000018
8501A248 8501A298 00000000 863D4B08 830F8B28 00000EE8 8501A298
86020D10 00000001 863D4B00 82F169AC
App ver: SWI9X07Y_02.18.05.00



That requires some serious in depth knowledge of the platform and access to the source (not all of which we have) and needs to go through the firmware team, you need to push that to your distributor to raise a proper ticket as it is beyond the forum to be able to help with that.

Also the above information is probably not enough to be able to come to a conclusion, you might need to get a full dump from the unit (couple of hundred MB’s.

One thing I would say is move to the latest firmware for your unit.