Hello all,

First of all can anyone clarify what the state WIP_CSTATE_BUSY obtained from the WIPfunction wip_getState
actually refers to. The only comment I can find in the documentation is the comment:

“some configuration is happening, eventually the state will become READY”

  • What does eventually actually mean/depend on?
  • Is it telling me that configuration is taking place on a GSM, GPRS or TCP level?
  • What is the best way to handle this state?

The reason for asking the best way to handle it is because I find that when the device attempts to connect (using wip_TCPClientCreateOpts) and I get this state I find that it can remain in this state for an undesirable amount of time. Even after repeated (timed) reconnection attempts.



Any information would be greatfully received


Are you trying to handle the WIP_CEV_ERROR ? Because ,if the socket is not reachable, you would receive WIP_CEV_ERROR after the timeout which is typically 10 mins.
If the error event is handled correctly, the exact reason for the failure
in connection can be found out.

I have been having this exact same problem today, although it is intermittant. If anyone can shed some light on it that woulf be great.