GSM/GPRS signal tester

Does anyone have any recommendations for equipment to perform a GSM/GPRS signal strength test ?
The goal is to be able to use it “on field”, in order to check the signal before installing my device, or to workaround any connection error after the installation.
I’m mainly interested by the GSM / GPRS signal, not Edge or 3G.


I’ve found this one : … tester.htm

A Androïd or iPhone application would be great, but I’ve found none able to test GPRS only. It usually test the current mobile network, which is usually 3G …

For in field testing, you can try to use the recent Network Scan feature.


Yes - Using the actual device is by far the best approach!

Even without this new feature, you can gain plenty of info from AT+CCED

Yes and no. If there is an issue, it is sometimes useful to be able to use a device that is unrelated to the hardware.

Anyway, thank you for telling me about the Network Scan functionnality. I didn’t know.

Remember that at the end it is the device itself which will connect and use cellular network, so it seems that no better than the device itself to tell you how is seen the network from its point of view.
What do you mean by unrelated to the hardware ? Are you looking for something related to a different use case ?

If the modem sees “no GPRS signal” the problem could be :

  • Modem out of order
  • Antenna broken
  • No provider
  • Provider’s GRPS out of order

The modem can’t help to guess which one is the good.

You seem to have changed the use-case here?

You started by talking about testing before installation - in that case, it is certainly preferable to use the Real Equipment to get the best indication of what will actually be seen by that equipment in service.

Fault-finding an existing, installed unit is another matter entirely…

Yes, it certainly can give useful information to help diagnose such issues…

I know AT+CCED, any other suggestion ?

Your application should be monitoring CSQ, CREG, WIND, Error Results, etc, etc,…