GR64 Rev 3 not work

Dear All,
I have just bought a large number of GR 64 from china, but it doesnt seem to have the same behaviour of GR 64 I previously bought. I commanded AT*E2IPA and returns E2IPA:000 OK but after I commanded ATE2IPRH=“somepublicIP” it doesnt respond anything. While the previous GR 64 worksfine. Below is some detail info from the body :

the good:
type BAC-1051021-AB
on the back there is number:
TVK1179247R2 P (typed in gold)

  • Body color blue-green

the bad :
type BAC-1051021-AB
on the back there is number:
GR64 rev 3.0 P (typed in gold)

  • Body color green pcb
    (from shenzen chn)

Please help cause I am stuck, and can’nt do any thing with all these bad GR64’s