GPS location giving wrong positions

I am using the GNSS location API for the FX30S (within the legato framework) and occasionally I get wrong coordinates from the function.
The le_gnss_GetLocation() will return:
latitude: -27
longitude: 133
which is the exact central position of australia, no decimal points.

In my code, before printing the position I check:
// Get position state
result = le_gnss_GetPositionState(positionSampleRef, &state);

I will randomly get one sample with this value (always the same) and then the latitude and longitude will go back to the correct reading. I am trying to understand if this is a glitch with the GNSS, a problem with the settings (I see there are many which I haven`t touched), it is due to the sampling rate, or I should rely on a different function to see if the data are valid.

We want to show a track on a map and the odd sample will put the whole map out of whack.