GPRS setup failed: -8 meaning ..?


i am using wip plugi library, whenever i m trying to gprs restart
the following debug message came

[GPRS]: close: -> CLOSED
[GPRS]: start: GPRS setup failed: -8
[GPRS]: close: -> CLOSED

what is the error meaning of GPRS setup failed: -8
sometimes -3 and -9

what is the error code means?
is there any documentation for GPRS debug message description …?

Thanks in advance.

In typical Wavecom fashion, No - there isn’t. :angry:

Sierra Wireless have yet to address this…

What return code(s) are you getting from your WIP API calls?

WIP Events?

You can gain extra information by enabling ATI level 1 traces: this will show you the AT Commands being used internally by WPI - and, more importantly, the responses…

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