GPRS or EDGE in use?

I’m using Q2687G with fw 7.4

How can I know if the modem is currently using GPRS or EDGE ?
I thought that AT+WGPRS=9,2 would tell me, but the result is always 2 (=EDGE) … even with a modem on which the EDGE feature isn’t activated …


+WGPRS parameter “9” refer to network technology capability indication, it shows you the network technology only.

So as far as your carrier supports both GPRS/EDGE, it returns you value “2” (EDGE/EGPRS) regardless the module configuration.

Still, you can check definition of EGPRS multislot class returned by “AT+WGPRS?”, parameter “8”, to see whether EGPRS is enabled or not on the module. If EDGE is disabled or not supported in the module, the active connection must be GPRS only.

Hope it helps.

AT+CCED :question:

in +CCED?
From AT guide, It shows access technology of “GSM” or “3G” only.

Not really.
I’d like to know if I’m using GPRS when EDGE is supported by the carrier and activated on the module.
I think so, but, is it at least possible ?