gpioExpander: porting of mangOH project for CAN drivers

Hi all!
I’m trying to build my own project, obviously starting from the mangOH project folder of gitHub. I am interested in CAN drivers. To reassure you :grin:: after a lot of effort in March, I was able to see the CAN, but precisely on a project that is not mine and that I cannot even open in VsCode where I am developing the software.

To make the CAN drivers work I need to activate the mux commands and the gpio expander. I am able to import the mux directories and then the mux commands via the sdef. I have a problem with gpio expanders though: I need the i2c interface, so I include this in the kernel (just like I see in the mangOH project):

Then of course I will include the CAN drivers in the kernel, but I haven’t gotten to it yet because I have a problem on include mangoh_green_dv4 as the following library is not found:

Am I doing something wrong in your opinion? Is there anything else to include? I would like to build myself the drivers for the CAN and put them together with the other things I am doing. Alternatively, in the worst case, if I really can’t, do you think it is possible to open the mangOH project in VSCode? I can’t do it and I can’t continue building it from must linux because I need to add the apps I’m making and modify them as they go. Any help is appreciated. Thank you all

Hi ga.imparato,

Please refer to the below links for CAN drivers building instructions for mangOH

I solved the library problem.
in your opinion which could be the cause of the problem “could not load the module can_iot.ko”? In my kernel for wp7607 I have this: