GL7X00 AC/DC power adapter

The GL7x00 can only be supplied power by an external DC voltage (DCIN) that ranges from 4.75V to 32V at 2.2A. This input is available via the 8-pin Micro-Fit connector. The Micro USB connector is only used for data transfer; the GL7X00 cannot be supplied with voltage via this interface. Does Sierra Wireless offer an AC/DC power adapter for the 8-pin Micro-Fit connector that a distributor can include in a BOM for this product?


GL7x00 is supplied by Sierra Wireless with 2 cables:

  • 1 adaptive cable:
  • 1 DC cable.

You can find details of those cables in the userguide:

No AC/DC adapter is provide by Sierra Wireless. However, GL7x00 distributors generally are sourcing such adaptor separately and should be able to provide you a bundle offer.

You can refer to the list of authorized distributors here: