generate tones

I would like just generate little BIP for :
radio path acknowledge, congestion, modem ok, general bip… like command AT+STTONE on other modem but i don’t find it on manual did i need KPLAYSOUND or KPLAYAMR?


Either command can do the job.
The difference is that the audio file to be played is in different format.
KPLAYSND plays a file in .snd format (please see appendix 14 of the AT manual for more details).
KPLAYAMR plays a file in .amr format


Where i can find the files to download?

AFAIK, you have to create them!
Good luck.


Have a look at using Audacity to convert your favorite .wav files as appropriate.

Just remember copyright if you didn’t make the source sound file yourself (i.e. you can’t just grab the windows sounds, convert them and put them in a commercial project!).

ciao, Dave

For a simple sine/square/triangle or similar wave, you could use a spreadsheet (eg, Excel) to generate the data…

OK thanks