FX30S system image questions


just finished app development and now I like to create a system image for factory deployment. (FX30S)

What I have to add is:

  • custom root password
  • custom iprules table (firewall settings)
  • UART1 set to 17 (Linux Application)

As far as I understand this requires creating a custom yocto build for password and iprules or is there another method to get these settings into the system image?. Using legato-spm I’m only able to download the “WP85XX” package but not the “FX30(WP85XX)”. Or can I use the nativ WP85XX package for the FX30S?

Regarding the UART1 setting: Is it possible to preset this somehow in the image (legato,linux etc.) or is it only possible to to make this setting after the flash process via serial communication using the MPUART command?

thanks and best regards

Hi Markus,
The method you describe would work, however, you could also do what you need via a Legato application.

You’ll need to create an unsandboxed application:

legato.io/legato-docs/latest/def … _sandboxed

And use the bundles option to add your files:

legato.io/legato-docs/latest/def … ef_bundles

Regarding setting UART1 via MAPUART, unfortunately, this will need to be configured. You can either do this at your factory by issuing an AT command, or, is it possible to add a startup script (similar to your password and firewall configure) to configure this?



thanks for that hint! the bundle feature is exactly what I need. I have to read more into the Legato documentation :smiley:

Regarding UART1, a startup script might be a solution, I will look into this.