FX30S 3G, R17: cannot connect to Legato App through

Noticed following problem with FX30S 3G after update to firmware r17:

  • I have legacy app wrapped as Legato app which additionally to other primary functionality (which works both in r14 and r17) listens to 2 network ports
  • with firmware r14 and sandboxing connecting to these ports through worked without problems. I could access them also through when connected to USB (not available in production environment except for servicing). I do not want to expose them through rmnet0
  • Connecting to these port no more works through after upgrade to r17 both when sandboxed and not sandboxed

Additional information:

  • custom built legato 18.06.5 with some additions and some unnecessary parts removed from build (no changes from version I used with firmware r14)

Hi there,
I suspect the issue might be related to the firewall. Could you try flushing it and then run you application (do not reboot your FX30S)?
iptables -F

Small script helped:

#! /bin/sh
echo app.LegatoAppName >/proc/self/attr/current
telnet 9001

Is there really necessary to forbid access to localhost address by SMACK label even if app is not sandboxed. I did not have this problem also for sandboxed app with r14