FOTA for FX30S how to

Would you consider sending AT command in legato app?

We are trying to make an industrial application, and getting it to work is normally not good enough as we would really need to understand why this is not working first.
I understand the size of the company, but I still don`t get how we can work without proper support on this target.

seems you are getting to work by cm data ,right?

would you call that a solution to the question?

yes, at least you can port the code of cm data to your app to make it work

where is the code of the cm data?

still playing with the avc interface and , something is not completely clear.
I ma sending the new firmware generated with the systoimg command, changed the Legato version and then tried to install the bundle. The air vantage interface (target level) is replying that there are NO_UPDATE.

Also, how can we read the additional information, phone number for instance.
Or we need a SIM card from Sierra Wireless in order to do so?

Is there a legato API to generate warning?

All the systems operations don`t get executed my end, this is even I am checking the avc handler and this is actually connecting to airVantage

normal SIM card should be able to do it.
Does it work on AT command for you bundle file?

AT commands from the target or from the airVantage?
What is the command?

same as above:

where is the phone number in that log?

What do you mean …?

my question was how I couldread the phone number from the modem and to populate the relative field in AirVantage, I may miss the point of how I can use the AT command for this purpose?

You cannot read phone number

it doesn`t seem that the target is responding to the airVantage commands, I have triggered a reboot and also syncronized command but when the target connects it will only return NO_UPDATE.
The panel will show the target was connected through:

as said before, you should use AT+WDSS to connect first.

so you mean to stop the application and to try to use AT commands?

What is the result???


+WDSI: 4

+WDSI: 5

+WDSI: 4