Flash write not happening


In My Q24 plus.

I already subscribed flash with total objects 100. But i used only 60 objects.

Now i am trying to add one more object into the existing flash. But this is not happening when i read this object value it is giving garbage values. This is checking with TMT and TE

This test i am doing with TMT. Where flash data will be stored on PC.

How to erase the existing flash and to subscribe new flash with updated objects

I try to erase with adl_flhErase(flhHandle, 1) function but after creating new flash subscribe my new object value giving garbage values.

I want to add new object into an existing flash while using TMT and TE method.

Please help on this


Look up AT+WOPEN=3


Thanks for reply

Will this delete flash objects which is stored on PC during debugging using TMT(Target Monitoring Tool).

I think AT+WOPEN=3 meant for Flash erase in WCPU real mode.


I think the behaviour of Flash in Remote Mode used to be described in the “Tools Manual” before M2MStudio came in?

If you have (or can get) an older SDK, you could try having a look…



Now it is clear after ref TMT manual.