Fastrack GO baud rate configuration

Hi all,

I am trying to get the Fastrack GO RS232 to respond to data from a pic.

My problem is that the modem datasheet specifies the use of 115200 baud rate. Currently clocking 8mHz, I am having a hell of a time getting anywhere near a 115200 signal.

The datasheet seems to suggest it is possible to reconfigure the modem to run at 9600, but does not specify how you access the configuration bits.

Any takers?


AT+IPR :question:

Ok, I’ll try that, I’m just starting with AT commands so I will read the command list again :mrgreen:

AT+IFC for flow control. I’f I remember correctly you need to save the settings with AT&W otherwise it changes back after a reset. Read the AT Command guide.


Indeed; it’s all in there!

“RTFM” 8)