[ETX] command doesn't work!!!


Hi Everybody,

I am having trouble with the command [ETX]…

First of all, I have downloaded the WIPSoft Sample to my Fastrack Supreme 20 modem, in order to make the WIP AT Command available and indeed, all of them work fine, so I tried to use the example of the manual (wipat.pdf) in the section of FTP in order to upload a file and everything goes fine until I get connected…

Once I am connected, I begin to write the data of the file and then I write [ETX] in order to provoke an “End of Transmission” but anything happens…I have to stop my application, in this case the WipSoft and then I must disconnect it manually and after 20 or 30 minutes the file appears in the server…

So here the question is…Why cant I see the [ETX] response??? I should see an “OK” for Response but I do not see anything!!! :cry:
What am I doing bad? who can help me???..Awneil, do you know the answer? you always do…please!!!



ETX is shorthand for a non-printable control code character. ETX stands for End Of Text - and is ASCII character 0x03.

You can usually send this at a keyboard (depending on your terminal emulator) by sending Control-C (i.e. hold down the Control/CTRL key and press C).

ciao, Dave


Thank you very much DavidC!!! I didn’t know about it…