Error when sendind data through UART1 on Q24PL


I’m using Q24PL, and i must use ut’s UART1 in order to program a GPS device.
I’ve successfully changed baud rate on UART1 to 9600 and subscribed it using this code AFTER changing baud:

bUART1Handler = -1;
bUART1Handler = adl_fcmSubscribe(ADL_FCM_FLOW_V24_UART1,fnBCN13A_UART1CtrlHandler,fnBCN13A_UART1DataHandler);
//Change to data mode

After this i try to write on UART1 using this code:

u8*	pBuffer;
    s32       iSize;

    //Here i write some data in pBuffer like "$PUBX, etc..

    adl_fcmSendData(bUART1Handler, pBuffer, iSize+1);

And my send_data command always return ADL_RET_ERR_BAD_STATE, What am I doing wrong ?? Can anyone help ??

Best Regards

You need to wait for the FLOW OPEN event after subscribing…


Thanks for your help, it’s working now.

Best Regards