error spawning 'cl.exe'


Is there anyone who knows error spawning ‘cl.exe’ error.

Hi enen,
Did you receive this error while compiling and executing your application in debug mode? Although I have never seen this kind of error, but I permit myself to ask you that which version of Open-AT are you using?

Usually, in such cases, it is advisable to clean the project workspace, by clicking on Build->Clean and then try to compile and execute the application again.
In case, this did not solve the problem, try creating a new project workspace.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.

Hi I am using V3.02

this errors occurs while compiling. But it’s interesting this error doesn’t effect the program. İt’s working wtih no trouble.

Hi Again

I want to ask one more thing but it’s not related this topic.

I try to communicate two Wavecom modems peer to peer with 9600baud.
In order to send packet one modem to another modem How many time does it takes. we can say this data is small data for example we can say “a” is the data which we will send. Does is takes 2 or tree seconds over the GPRS.