Embedded Application


Dear all
I have a problem in developing application in Open AT. In my application, after receiving an event calling of expected routine is done. But i can’t see the expected result. In other words, In my routine i put some messages to trace the program and when executing that routine i receive the first and last message, but the middle message doesn’t appear. Notice that the messages is not is conditional parts. I should see all of them.
Do you know what is the reason?

Thanks a lot,


Are you ussing the same trace level? Is typical to use one level on functions entry/end points.


No, i just use send response function, not debugging trace. Then there is no need to trace level. I think that may be an interrupt flushes the response sending buffer. Is there any relation between interrupt happening and response buffer?


I suggest to check the answers of send response funtion. Maybe, it gives you some clue.