EM9191 in NSA mode

Ok, we figured out how the bitmask is represents bands (1 bit per band)
3 - NRNSA: 000081A0090808D7 0000000000007042
4 - NRSA: 000081A0090808D7 0000000000007042 (band 78, 77 , 41 etc…)
Is there a way to turn on all the NR bands using the 64 bit mask? Is that a good idea though or is there some issue perhaps in doing this? I did try:
however, I was getting an error.

no , you cannot do that (error will be returned)

So is there a limit to how many bands can be active?

you can use AT!BAND=0 to active all bands

Hi Jyiyi,

I’m again attempting to get NSA working. I have iperf server running, but I’m still unable to connect to 5G NR once I have LTE connection and IP traffic. Any suggestions? Thanks, Greg

what is the return of

BTW, previously you said that " I only am able to connect up in NR standalone using band 78", why suddenly it cannot connect to 5G?