EM7565 - Get Bandwidth Info (QMI)

I am trying to read the RF bandwidth info from an EM7565 (on LTE) using QMI under Linux-ARM. My device is as follows:

  • “Sierra Wireless, Incorporated”, “EM7565”, rev:“10001”
  • “SWI9X50C_01.08.04.00 dbb5d0 jenkins 2018/08/21 21:40:11”
  • GobiSerial: 2018-12-21/SWI_2.36

I am calling SLQSNasGetRFInfo() which is returning rfbandInfoList with valid/expected parameters (radioInterface:8, activeBandClass:122, activeChannel:1667).

But , nothing is returned for RfBandwidthInfo (TLVpresent = 0) !!!

Via the AT tty, AT!GSTATUS? provides the correct/expected bandwidth info (e.g. LTE bw: 20 MHz)

Why is SLQSNasGetRFInfo() not returning any RfBandwidthInfo?