EM7511 only Have Network adapter, how to Swith to MBIM

I got one EM7511, but it only has 1 Network adapter, No Modem, No Com port. Nowhere to use at command, I want to use this modem on Rooter openwrt, How to switch the modem to MBIM+AT (Comp=8)or QMI+AT(COMp=6). I make lot of search with google. but not find any related discuss,

not sure if this helps you, you can give a try:

thanks for your reply.
I am not familiar with linux , I try with windows installation way, it not work for me, I also try the em7455-how-to-enable-com-ports https://zukota.com/sierra-wireless-em7455-how-to-enable-com-ports/ . but that batch file can not finish. seems that batch do not support EM7511(7565) ?

seems the windows driver will force it to be MBIM mode.

I suggest you trying with linux machine.