EM7455 QCMobileAP

hello everybody,

how do i enable QCMobileAP on EM7455 from AT command line?

i have this in the WEBSERVER folder:

/WEBSERVER/www # cat ./QCMAP_Help.html

QCMobileAP Overview

The purpose of QCMobileAP is to provide tethered connectivity to multiple devices over WLAN and USB. This requires NAT functionality, DHCP server and other MobileAP specific components to be running at UE Data stack
The UE acts as an Access Point (AP), which allows multiple clients to connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi.

The UE can concurrently act as a Wi-Fi client, which is serviced by other APs.


The setting pages provided allow you to configure and check the status of your device.

Click on any tab in leftmost column. The current settings or information for that area appears in the Centre column.

Help information related to selected setting page appears in this column. You can scroll down to reach help related to specific item.

[edit] i want to have something like this:
[LAN(] <->[(] <-> [( PROVIDER GATEWAY]

i cannot update the post, so i’ll post as a reply:

just wanted to add that this is a feature of the EM7455 (i dont know if it was clear enough in the OP).
is there any documentation on it? i cant seem to find any. the only command that i have is: QMAP_CLI

here is the menu that i get (although it is pretty straight forward, i would still like to see documentation for it):

Please select an option to test from the items listed below.

 1. Display Current Config         44. Set Firewall Config            
 2. Delete SNAT Entry              45. Get Firewall Config            
 3. Add SNAT Entry                 46. Get IPv6 State                 
 4. Get SNAT Config                47. Get WWAN Profile               
 5. Set Roaming                    48. Set WWAN Profile               
 6. Get Roaming                    49. Get UPnP Status                
 7. Delete DMZ IP                  50. Get DLNA Status                
 8. Add DMZ IP                     51. Get MDNS Status                
 9. Get DMZ IP                     52. Get Station Mode Status        
10. Set IPSEC VPN Passthrough      53. Set DLNA Media Directory       
11. Get IPSEC VPN Passthrough      54. Get DLNA Media Directory       
12. Set PPTP VPN Passthrough       55. Set MobileAP/WLAN Bootup Config
13. Get PPTP VPN Passthrough       56. Get MobileAP/WLAN Bootup Config
14. Set L2TP VPN Passthrough       57. Enable/Disable IPV4            
15. Get L2TP VPN Passthrough       58. Get IPv4 State                 
16. Set Autoconnect Config         59. Get Data Bitrate               
17. Get Autoconnect Config         60. Set UPnP Notify Interval       
18. Get WAN status                 61. Get UPnP Notify Interval       
19. Add Firewall Entry             62. Set DLNA Notify Interval       
20. Enable/Disable M-DNS           63. Get DLNA Notify Interval       
21. Enable/Disable UPnP            64. Add DHCP Reservation Record    
22. Enable/Disable DLNA            65. Get DHCP Reservation Records   
23. Display Firewalls              66. Edit DHCP Reservation Record   
24. Delete Firewall Entry          67. Delete DHCP Reservation Record 
25. Get WWAN Statistics            68. Activate Hostapd Config        
26. Reset WWAN Statistics          69. Activate Supplicant Config     
27. Get Network Configuration      70. Get Webserver WWAN access flag 
28. Get NAT Type                   71. Set Webserver WWAN access flag 
29. Set NAT Type                   72. Enable/Disable ALG             
30. Enable/Disable Mobile AP       73. Set SIP server info            
31. Enable/Disable WLAN            74. Get SIP server info            
32. Connect/Disconnect Backhaul    75. Restore Factory Default Settings(** Will Reboot Device )
33. Get Mobile AP status           76. Get Connected Device info      
34. Set NAT Timeout                77. Get Cradle Mode                
35. Get NAT Timeout                78. Set Cradle Mode                
36. Set WLAN Config                79. Get Prefix Delegation Config   
37. Get WLAN Config                80. Set Prefix Delegation Config   
38. Activate WLAN                  81. Get Prefix Delegation Status   
39. Set  LAN Config                82. Set/Get Gateway URL            
40. Get  LAN Config                83. Enable/Disable DDNS            
41. Activate  LAN                  84. Set DDNS Config                
42. Get WLAN Status                85. Get DDNS Config                
43. Enable/Disable IPV6            86. Teardown/Disable and Exit      
Option > 1

here is option 1:
SNAT configuration:

Roaming Mode: Disabled.

DMZ IP: No DMZ Configured!
IPSEC Passthrough Enable Flag : 1
PPTP Passthrough Enable Flag : 1
L2TP Passthrough Enable Flag : 1
Webserver WWAN Access Flag: 0
Auto Connect Mode: Disabled.

Firewall Entries for Ipv4:
No Firewall Rules to Display 

Firewall Entries for Ipv6:
No Firewall Rules to Display 

Tech preference is :ANY 

V4 3gpp profile id is: 0.

V4 3gpp2 profile id is: 0.

V6 3gpp pofile id is: 0.

V6 3gpp2 pofile id is: 0.

IPV6 is: Enabled.

 GetNetworkConfiguration fails

 GetNetworkConfiguration fails 

Nat type configured: 
Symmetric NAT
NAT Timeout Values Configured:
GENRIC NAT Timeout: 200
ICMP NAT Timeout: 30
UDP NAT Timeout: 60

Wlan Configuration : WLAN Mode is AP.

 Guest AP is setup to be in 'Internet Only Access' mode 

 LAN Configuration.

Gateway IP:

Netmask :

DHCP Enabled: 1

DHCP Start IP:


DHCP Lease Time (seconds) : 43200

Station Configuration.

Connection Type : DYNAMIC (DHCP)

 AP-STA is configured in Router Mode

 Mobile AP will be DISABLED on bootup 

 WLAN will be DISABLED on bootup 

No DHCP Reservation Records
Mobile AP Cradle Mode is DisabledPrefix Delegation configuration is disabled.

there are AT commands that start with $QC, can someone pass the link to the command reference as well?

the system running this is Qualcomm_Linux
read this: EM7455 exposing LAN interface