Em7455 loses connection

I have installed the fixed MBIM drivers into openwrt , The module will connect , However when we start driving in car,
the modem will dorp it’s connection and will not reconnect till the modem is rebooted, then it will drop again when the signal drops or bandchnage, or tower handoff, it will not connect again till either the router is reset or a manual reconnect is issured.
Does anyone have a fix for this?

what is failing?

When losing the connection (between the modem and NTWK) the modem will reconnect to the NTWK.
AT!GSTATUS? will confirm this. To verify the IP on the modem side issue AT+CGCONTRDP.
However it is the hosts responsibility to re-establish the session between the modem and host.

There are two reasons.
#1 loss of signal
When the router/em7455 losses the RF signal
one of two things will happen:
It will reconnect if the signal reappers within 10-30seconds.
if it’s been longer the only way to get it back is to manually tear down the connection and reconnect
if it’s been ~1-2 min the only way to get the em7455 to reconnect is to remove power and reapply power to the em7455
#2 If your driving and there is a cell handoff the modem will lose it’S connection, then reconnect (20-30 seconds later) with a new IP address making it tough to keep a secure connection alive without relogging in.