Does OpenAT support floating point operations?

OpenAT does support floating point operations to single precision with the
following limitation and works around.
This is not an issue with the ARM compiler.

Important remark about GCC compiler:
When using GCC compiler, due to internal standard C library architecture, it is strongly not recommended to use the “%f” mode in the wm_sprintf function
in order to convert a float variable to a string.
This leads to an ARM exception (product reset).

A way around for this conversion is:

float MyFloat; // float to display
ascii MyString [ 100 ]; // destination string
s16 d,f;
d = (s16) MyFloat * 1000; // Decimal precision: 3 digits
f = ( MyFLoat * 1000 ) - d; // Decimal precision: 3 digits
wm_sprintf ( MyString, “%d.%03d”, (s16)MyFloat, f ); // Decimal precision: 3 digits