Disable LTE CA functionallity.

Is there any way to disable LTE CA (Carrier aggregation) without having to enable only one band?


There is no feature that you can actively disable no.



CA on Qualcomm’s platforms is controlled on per-combo basis.
In other words, you can enable/disable every supported CA combination, e.g. CA_3_7 or CA_4_13.
CA bitmasks can be accessed as corresponding files in modem’s EFS by means of diagnostic protocol (via diag port) - either with QC’s service software like QPST, QRCT, QXDM or with console applications like qcommand, qefs.

Where do i get the program at?

Also will it allow band 13 and 13 for verizon?

You can only get these tools if you are a Qualcomm licensee (costs $1M) or if you are important to QC for strategic reasons. Otherwise they are not available legally.

Also note that if somehow you do get hold of these tools they are very dangerous as you are able to modify anything on the unit, typically they are only available to QC licensee’s because you need to know what you are doing to use the tools.

It was for the above reasons that I did not mention this in my previous reply as for all intents and purposes none of our customers do or should have access.



As mlw have noticed above, Qualcomm service tools are not legally available in public domain. There’s a lot of distribution packages over the Net, however - there’s no any problem to find them if you decided to try them.

On the other hand, qcommand utility mentioned above is part of opensource qtools project and you are free to use it.

Sorry, I didn’t understand your question.

Maybe this functionallity can be added in a future firmware version?

I see it’s already here in latest

LTEB1: B8,
LTEB2: B2, B5, B12, B13, B29,
LTEB3: B7, B20,
LTEB4: B4, B5, B12, B13, B29,
LTEB5: B2, B4, B30,
LTEB7: B3, B7, B20,
LTEB8: B1,
LTEB12: B2, B4, B30,
LTEB13: B2, B4,
LTEB20: B3, B7,
LTEB30: B5, B12, B29,
LTEB41: B41,

Permitted Bands:


<flag>: 0 - disable CA
        1 - enable CA

!LTECA: Disabled


Don’t ask me what do “Permitted Bands” and “Prune_ca_combos” mean. I don’t know for now. !LTECA command is undocumented and requires more investigations.

And I don’t know if it’s implemented in previous release. In, however, there was no “set” form of command at all. Only “get” form (!LTECA?) was supported.