Detect Incoming CSD Call using QMI interface


Has anyone come across a neat way of detecting an incoming CSD call using the QMI interface / Sierra SDK callbacks?

We are using pppd daemon on the AT interface and therefore cannot use the standard +CRING: REL ASYNC to detect when a CSD call is incoming. (VoiceCallEvent callback dosen’t appear to fire when CSD calls are used.)




The QC platforms do not technically support CSD any longer (in some cases it will work but not guaranteed) as a result they will not have implemented a call back for it and since it is technically not supported in the chipset there is no value in Sierra implementing it hence I do not think there is an easy method to do it.

What unit are you using?



Hi mlw

Thanks for the reply. I have actually found a work around using the pppd configuration allowing my code to detect CSD setup and tear-down.

For your ref: Using MC7304