Delayed FTP Notification

I am attempting to retrieve a file of size 512kb from an FTP server using STM32 and Hl7800. When I download the complete file in a single command, everything works smoothly, and the “+KFTP_IND” notification appears right after the “–EOF–Pattern–”. However, when I try to download the file in separate parts, the “+KFTP_IND” notification is delayed by 30-50 seconds after the “–EOF–Pattern–”. During this delay, the Hl7800 module does not respond to any other commands. Can someone please advise on how to get the notification right after the download.

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  1. What firmware is HL7800 currently using? If it is not the latest version, please update it to the latest firmware and try again to see if the issue persists.
    Link the lasted firmware:

  2. “However, when I try to download the file in separate parts, the “+KFTP_IND” notification is delayed by 30-50 seconds after the “–EOF–Pattern–”.”

    → I’m not quite clear on the meaning of “download the file in separate parts”. Could you please provide more detailed description?

  3. Additionally, if is possible, please share the 512kb file and ‘the file in separate parts’ with me.

  4. Furthermore, if is possible, please share a log file with all of the commands you have used and timestamps to see how it behaves.


Thanks for the Reply

  1. Current version of firmware is as bellow



  1. Apologies for the confusion I caused. I’ll explain again

When I send the command below to download a file all at once:
the file is downloaded without any delay between the “–EOF–Pattern–” and “+KFTP_IND: 2,2,581529”.

However, when I send a command to download the file in separate parts or chunks (for example if I need to download only the first 1024 bytes for now remaining later):
the first 1024 bytes of the file are downloaded, and the “–EOF–Pattern–” is received immediately. However, there is a delay of 25 seconds(delay varies too) before receiving the response “+KFTP_IND: 2,2,1024”. During this delay module is not responding to any other commands too. After receiving the notification KFTP_IND, the module starts working fine.

  1. Attached is the file with the post.
    I encountered difficulty uploading the hex file directly in the post, so I compressed it using WinRAR and uploaded the compressed (RAR) file instead. However, please note that the FTP server received the hex file itself and not the RAR file.
    Fmr_v0.2.883_ITCR.rar (134.5 KB)

  2. Attached is the log file too, one with full file download and another requesting only the first 1024 bytes of the file.
    Log file request for first 1024 bytes.txt (1.5 KB)
    Log full file download.txt (1.6 KB)

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Do any one got any solution for this issue

Hi @infoeugine,

I have been able to reproduce your issue, so in this case, it would be better if you send an email to technical support at for assistance.