Control DSR while in FCM Data mode

Good Day,

Is it possible to control the UART1 DSR pin while subscribed in FCM data mode? What i have noticed is after succesfull subscription to FCM using the following code:

FCMHandler = adl_fcmSubscribe(ADL_PORT_UART2, FCM_ControlHandler, FCM_DataHandler);

FCM _DataHandler contains the following code:


the DSR pin is High.

What i would like to accomplish is changing the state of DSR pin using the following code while subscribed in FCM

adl_atCmdCreate("AT&S0",ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE(ADL_PORT_UART1,TRUE),CommandHandler,"*",NULL); //Make DSR HIGH

adl_atCmdCreate("AT&S0",ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE(ADL_PORT_UART1,TRUE),CommandHandler,"*",NULL); //Make DSR LOW

Thanks in advance for the help.


I think not. :frowning:

And, of course, while the UART is in Data mode, it will not recognise AT commands!