Compiling mangoh


I used developer studio 5.3.1 and legato Legato for WP85/WP75 (18.6.1.wp85-wp75-…

and i create mangoh system .
Compiling a project with an error.

[232/234] Packaging app
[233/234] Creating system
[234/234] Packaging system
systocwe wp750x mangOH.wp750x.update cwe
make: Leaving directory ‘/home/osboxes/work_legato/git/mangOH/Target_Legato_Debug’
ERROR: Bad system file mangOH.wp750x.update
Try ‘systocwe --help’ for usage instructions.
make: *** [Makefile:40: systocwe] Error 1

I see that the .update file is compiled.
but I want to update the kernel module spisvc.ko and othe.
how to execute generation cwe file?

Compilling .sdef. mksys

How about doing it in terminal manually?

  1. Go to legato framework folder
  2. . bin/comfiglegatoenv
  3. Go to mango output folder
  4. systocwe wp750x mangOH.wp750x.update cwe