Cannot connect to RSIM Service


I am trying to use Legato’s RSIM API (

However, it seems that a timeout occurs when trying to connect to the Service. I get in the logs:

rsimTest.c SynchronizeTest() 782 | Assert Failed: 'le_sem_WaitWithTimeOut(AppSemaphore, timeToWait)' is not LE_OK (0)

when running the RSIM Integration Test (

Looking closer I found that apparently the RSIM Service is not correctly initialized when the Modem Service is started. When restarting the ModemService app manually I see in the logs:

le_rsim.c le_rsim_Init() 1734 | pa_rsim_AddSimActionRequestHandler failed

Also I cannot switch to the Sim slot to “REMOTE”. When I run

cm sim select REMOTE

and check again with

cm select info

I see that the SIM type changes to “REMOTE” but switches back to “EXTERNAL_SLOT_1” after around 10 seconds. I can switch to “EXTERNAL_SLOT_2” though, which is persistent.

I flashed the newest available firmware to the module (SWI9X15Y_07.11.22.00) and also updated the legato framework with a fresh build from the Github sources.

The RSIM Api documentation states that I have to check if the feature is supported by the module, however I cannot find anything about it in the datasheet.